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Co-owner needed

Hey everyone!so I was looking for some help for my blog cause it’s my last year in school and I have no time to post if anyone is interested please message me!
Thank youu ❤

God! Can you stop getting hotter and hoteer?! 😍😍

So, to the anon who asked this question, here are some answers I received from some fans.
Thank you so much guys for answering❤ and I hope it helped you anon 😊

Anonymous asked: havent read the books yet??whats up with the URL???

my blog is only for the movies cause as i have said before i havent read the books yet cause i have no time

shippyfreaklove asked: which books from TMI you have read?

i started the first one but still havent finished it..i have no time cause i study for school :/

Anonymous asked: hey do you know if Jaimie is in the next movie!? Xxxxx

yes he is going to be in the next movie but there are no details about when the next movie is coming out :/ here is the entire cast and details about the movie:

Anonymous asked: So I watched the movie and I liked it, therefore I decided to read the books starting with City Of Ashes because I already saw the movie so it would be a waste of time to read City Of Bones. Anyway there are characters that I dont know about. Like Abbadon. I am really confused. So can you tell me about him and how did Simon kill him?

i am so sorry i have no idea cause i havent read the books yet :/ if you have anything to ask about the movies though dont be afraid to ask ;)

Anonymous asked: I'm amusing you read CoHF... I forgot the page number or chapter where Jace makes the checklist for hell..

i cant help you with that i am so sorry! :( i havent read the books yet :/

Anonymous asked: Hello! I have just bought all the books to TMI series. I haven't started yet - I was wondering what you could tell me about the series - exciting/page turner/similar to other book series/are all the books in the series griping enough to go on the next one without hesitation? is the plot exciting/unique/ freaking awesome? I cant wait to start! thanks!

i am so sorry i cant help you with that cause i havent read the books yet :/ you should definetely see the movie though cause its amazing ;)