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Anonymous asked: Hi... I've started a new blog called im out shadowhunting .... I'm doing stuff like imagines, could u possibly take a look and if u like follow me? I'm new so I also need ideas and stuff, thanks! Xx by the way I love ur blog♥️♥️

great blog followed you ;) oh and thank you ♥️


Everybody go vote for the mortal instruments on this site for the teen choice awards 2014

Anonymous asked: Hei. Do u know if they will make the second movie - city of ashes?

they said that they would do but there are no details yet

Lilyyy ❤
I am back!sorry I for not posting but I had a lot of things to do 😞
my husband ❤

Anonymous asked: should i wait to read TBC(untill books comes out in Nov.) or buy the ebooks? Should i wait till CoHF? your oppion. im havent difficulty deciding..

i think you should read the books cause there is no better thing than having a book to read every night..i dont like reading ebooks and its like really difficult to read it on your laptop or phone or whatever..i definetely prefer a book.. personal opinion always